Oleksiy Stavnitser Charitable Foundation

The Oleksiy Stavnitser Charitable Foundation was founded in 2010 by his sons Andriy and Yegor and by the family of a long-term partner - co-founder of the Odesa port of TIS Oleg Kutateladze.

Currently, the Fund is focused on purchasing bulletproof vests and high-protection helmets. Today, this is a massive problem because the world does not have large stocks of such equipment, and there is no established mechanism for urgent procurement and expedited paperwork.

The Fund focuses on finding the following tools:
- MICH NIJ Level 111A helmets w \ o adapters
- bulletproof vests Bulletproof vest 111A level includes Plates, Level

The Fund accumulates money from philanthropists to be able to redeem what they have found immediately. The price of one set of body armor + and helmet on the market now averages $ 700-900.

If you know where to find and purchase such equipment, please contact the Foundation.


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