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We are a volunteer organization PORYAD UKRAINE. This is the name, because from the first days of the war, the hearts of those who care united and began to help everyone who applied. Families affected by the war, the elderly, dog cats and of course the guys who protect us - the Armed Forces of Ukraine, troopers and AZOV. We supported each of them with the most necessary: food, hygiene, baby food, clothes, military dry rations and pet food. In addition, our trucks ply every week in directions to the de-occupied territories and bring the necessary food, hygiene, fuel to those places where the humanitarian usually does not reach. It is important to note that we transfer help personally from hand to hand so that we personally see to whom we are giving help and so that people feel that they have not been forgotten, that there will always be those WHO ARE NEARBY. Recently, they began to drive cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are already serving the service, created an event aimed at raising funds, made an auction for a painting by a Ukrainian artist and so many more plans ahead! We will do everything to bring victory closer as soon as possible. Glory to Ukraine!

In July Charity Foundation Poryad Ukraine has generated  

-239.860 UAH - Donations to cards 

-100.413 UAH - collected from a charity event with AlloSipor

-1.000€ - charity exhibition in Berlin Pendesyat x SofiyaVinnichenko

-20.388 UAH - Charity Auction with Anna Kostrytska

-301.249 UAH - fee for machines for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Stop war in Ukraine! Help Ukraine!


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